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Today's post: The thrill of success, the agony of measurement - bit.ly/1qtHjyR

@ericlerum Ah, my mistake.

@ericlerum Assuming kids who are FRL-eligible or from certain areas are low-scoring smacks of the kind of determinism you so often lament.

Today's post: The thrill of success, the agony of measurement - bit.ly/1qtHjyR

New post: The thrill of success, the agony of measurement - bit.ly/1qtHjyR

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Shanker Blog

The Thrill Of Success, The Agony Of Measurement

Recent publicity over the testing results of the Success Academies charter chain illustrates the flawed interpretation of data in our public education discourse.

No Teacher Is An Island: The Role Of Social Relations In Teacher Evaluation

Professors Alan Daly and Kara Finnigan argue for improving value-added models by considering the importance of social interaction and collaboration in schools.

The Semantics of Test Scores

Jennifer Borgioli of Learning-Centered Initiatives wrestles with the difficult question of how to describe testing results accurately.

Differences In DC Teacher Evaluation Ratings By School Poverty

A discussion of why DC teacher evaluation scores are higher among teachers in lower-poverty schools, and what it means for the District's schools.

How Boston Public Schools Can Recruit and Retain Black Male Teachers

Researcher Travis Bristol discusses his work on the recruitment and retention of black male teachers in Boston Public Schools.

Social Capital Matters As Much As Human Capital – A Message To Skeptics

Evidence and arguments for those still skeptical of the idea that teachers' relationships and collaboration may be just as important as their human capital.

Lost In Citation

A review of the supporting research presented by one of the organizations leading the lawsuit to overturn laws governing teacher tenure in New York.

The Global Relationship Between Classroom Content And Unequal Educational Outcomes

MSU Prof. William Schmidt discusses his research showing that persistently unequal outcomes are due in part to disadvantaged students' exposure to weaker content.

Conversation Series

Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education
Held the second Wednesday of the month,
co-sponsored with the American Federation of Teachers.

For the dates and topics of the 2014-2015 Conversation Series, go HERE.


A New Social Compact for American Education: Fixing Our Broken Accountability System
September 10, 2014, Register HERE.



"The Chinese Labor Movement: Which Way Forward"

June 18, 2014, Watch the videoHERE.

Good Schools Seminar:

Creating Safe & Supportive Schools

March 25, 2014
Watch the seminar HERE

Prince Edward County Freedom Schools

Teachers Discuss Segregation Fight in 1963 here.


Fulfilling the Promise of a Quality Education for All: 21st Century Career-Technical Education

co-sponsored with the United Federation of Teachers

For conference materials go HERE.

AFT-Shanker Institute Summit on CTE and Perkins Authorization

Monday, Feb. 3. More information and livestream >here.


Lesson Plans on the March on Washington


Democracy Web

Democracy Web is a unique collection of online resources designed to help high school and college teachers illustrate key principles of democratic governance in a “compare and contrast” format that challenges students to think critically across cultural, historical and national contexts. The site’s key elements include country studies, an interactive map and a well-respected categorical [...]

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