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RT @mpolikoff "Considerable evidence that disadvantaged students are systematically tracked into classrooms with weaker content" shankerblog.org/?p=10262

Today (by William Schmidt): The global relationship b/w classroom content and unequal educational outcomes bit.ly/1rB3UM0

New post (by William Schmidt): The global relationship b/w classroom content and unequal educational outcomes bit.ly/1rB3UM0

RT @Larryferlazzo RT @rpondiscio: Dan Willingham on ed research: "A Draft Bill of Rights for Educators" @DTWillingham @RealClearEd realcleareducation.com/articl…

Today's post (by @EstherQuinCo): Not all discipline disparities may be the result of implicit bias - bit.ly/1nvFmnL

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Shanker Blog

The Global Relationship Between Classroom Content And Unequal Educational Outcomes

MSU Prof. William Schmidt discusses his research showing that persistently unequal outcomes are due in part to disadvantaged students' exposure to weaker content.

Not All Discipline Disparities May Be The Result Of Implicit Bias

Recognizing that bias may help explain disparities in student disciplinary outcomes by race, sex and other subgroups is important, but requires caution.

Where Al Shanker Stood: Democracy In Public Education

In his final NY Times column in March 1997, Al Shanker discussed the role of democracy in public education.

Do Students Learn More When Their Teachers Work Together?

Research suggests that teachers' social capital - their relationships, networks and collaboration - may be just as important as their human capital.

A New Idea For Test-Based Accountability In DC: Actual Test Scores

After years of receiving national attention for its test scores, DC Public Schools was forced to finally release actual test scores.

The Language Of Teacher Effectiveness

The recent tendency to use words like performance and effectiveness when referring to test-based statistical measures can potentially go too far.

The Importance Of Relationships In Educational Reform

Professors Kara Finnegan and Alan Daly discuss their research showing the importance of social relationships in implementing education policy.

Summer Slide: Denial Is Dangerous

Lisa Hansel of Core Knowledge Foundation discusses the danger in parents' denial that their kids lose academic ground over the summer.

Conversation Series

Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education
Held the second Wednesday of the month,
co-sponsored with the American Federation of Teachers.

For the dates and topics of the 2014-2015 Conversation Series, go HERE.


A New Social Compact for American Education: Fixing Our Broken Accountability System
September 10, 2014, Register HERE.


"The Chinese Labor Movement: Which Way Forward"

June 18, 2014
Watch the videoHERE.

Good Schools Seminar:

Creating Safe & Supportive Schools

March 25, 2014
Watch the seminar HERE

Prince Edward County Freedom Schools

Teachers Discuss Segregation Fight in 1963 here.


X. Educational Justice and the Integration of American Schools

June 11, 2014
For more information and to watch the conversation, visit HERE.

IX. Governing American Education

May 14, 2014
Watch the conversationHERE.

VIII. American Education in Global Perspective

April 9, 2014
Watch the conversationHERE.

VII. The Future of Teacher Education and Preparation

March 12, 2014
Watch conversationHERE.

VI. Philanthropy and Democratic Education: Friends or Foes?

Feb 12, 2014
Watch the conversation HERE

V. Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline

January 8, 2014
Watch the conversation here.

IV. Early Childhood Education: The Word Gap & The Common Core

December 11, 2013
Watch the conversation here.

III. Quality Assessments for Educational Excellence

November 13, 2013
Watch the Conversation HERE.

II. Civic Purposes of Public Education and the Common Core

October 9, 2013
Watch the Conversation HERE

I. The Use and Misuses of Value-Added in Teacher Evaluations: Three Perspectives

September 11, 2013
Watch the conversaton HERE.

Democracy's Champion: Albert Shanker and the International Impact of the American Federation of Teachers


Fulfilling the Promise of a Quality Education for All: 21st Century Career-Technical Education

co-sponsored with the United Federation of Teachers

For conference materials go HERE.

AFT-Shanker Institute Summit on CTE and Perkins Authorization
Monday, Feb. 3. More information and livestream here


Lesson Plans on the March on Washington

This year (2013) is the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The Institute wanted to make a special contribution to this commemoration by publishing lesson plans and materials that K-12 teachers across the country can use in their classrooms. For the lesson plans and other resources, go HERE.


Democracy’s Champion

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