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RT @EconCulture America is one of only 3 advanced countries that spends more on richer pupils than poor ones econ.trib.al/embrROl pic.twitter.com/N7eSc7uOcv

RT @EstherQuinCo Absolutely brilliant. Must read. “To Achieve Big Results From Social Policy…” by Schorr & Bryk via @HuffPostEdu huffingtonpost.com/lisbeth-le…

One Big Reason for Voter Turnout Decline and Income Inequality: Smaller Unions (via @theprospect) goo.gl/f7zbey

How We Know Collaboration Works (by @GregAnrig via @ASCD) goo.gl/nAW7GY

New NYCIBO report on charter IEP students related to 2014 @CRPE_UW analysis, discussed here: goo.gl/KFz5x3


The Albert Shanker Institute is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 to honor the life and legacy of the late president of the American Federation of Teachers.

The organization’s by-laws commit it to four fundamental principles—vibrant democracy, quality public education, a voice for working people in decisions affecting their jobs and their lives, and free and open debate about all of these issues.

The institute brings together influential leaders and thinkers from business, labor, government, and education from across the political spectrum. It sponsors research, promotes discussions, and seeks new and workable approaches to the issues that will shape the future of democracy, education, and unionism. Many of these conversations are off-the-record, encouraging lively, honest debate and new understandings.

These efforts are directed by and accountable to a diverse and distinguished board of directors representing the richness of Al Shanker’s commitments and concerns. The organization maintains a small permanent staff, a modest program budget, little overhead, and as much agility as possible.

Committed to basic principles, open to new ideas, and addressing the inter-related issues of work, education, and democracy—that is the vision, the mission, and the method of the Albert Shanker Institute.

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