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  • Safely Re-Opening America's Schools

    The question of how schools can be reopened in ways that protect the health and safety of students, teachers and other adult staff is not only a challenging one, but one which is dynamic and changing, as we grapple with new developments such as regional outbreaks and rising incidences of COVID-19 related pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome. This webinar examined those challenges, discussed the current state of our knowledge on best practices and sound policies, and provided guidance to educators and policymakers on how to move forward under harrowing circumstances. Watch the video of the panel.


  • Remote Learning: What Helped A Network Of Progressive Schools

    While there is no substitute for in-person teaching and learning, some schools have strengths that improved their ability to engage students remotely argues Ann Cook, executive director of the New York Performance Standards Consortium..
  • For Students, The "Good Ole Days" Are Not Good Enough

    Schott Foundation CEO John Jackson argues that the pandemic represents an opportunity to once again move us forward towards creating a more equitable and just "new normal" for students, parents, and families.
  • Post Pandemic Ethics

    CUNY Professor Peter Consenstein argues that the costs of returning to school will be high and can only come in phases.