The Albert Shanker Institute is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 to honor the life and legacy of the late president of the American Federation of Teachers; we are committed to three fundamental principles:

Vibrant Democracy

Strengthen, defend, and extend democracy as the best guarantor of universal civil and human rights, at home and around the world, in every facet of life and for every person.

Quality Public Education

Strengthen and recognize public education as a cornerstone of democracy, where schools encourage critical thinking enabling all students to be well-informed and engaged citizens.

A Voice for Working People

Strengthen the essential role of unions in a democracy as organizations that offer workers a voice, lift living standards, enhance institutions, and promote the common good.

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December Dec8, 2022

Teaching Kids What It Means To Be An American

Richard D. Kahlenberg, Senior Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute and Shanker Board Member, contends that as Al Shanker warned, liberal democratic values cannot be taken for granted, and must be taught each and every generation in our public schools. 


December Dec1, 2022

In Memoriam: Michael Maccoby

It is with sadness that the Albert Shanker Institute acknowledges the passing of longtime board member, Michael Maccoby. He was 89. Michael was a talented expert on leadership, an accomplished author, and sought-after consultant and advisor. On the Shanker Institute Board of Directors, Michael was a leader and thoughtful contributor. We will miss him.



November Nov17, 2022

What Do You Know About Tribal Sovereignty?

This guest blog, by National Board-Certified educator Julie Hutcheson-Downwind, walks readers through an understanding of the role and history of tribal sovereignty that should be common knowledge for all Americans and what this understanding can and should mean for our students.



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RT @mcricker: A great blog post to read in advance of today’s @shankerinst “AFT in Solidarity with Ukraine” event is this one by @EricDChen…

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RT @educationweek: How Much States Need to Pony Up to Make School Spending Equitable

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In a new post, @RickKahlenberg argues that liberal democratic values cannot be taken for granted, and must be taught each and every generation in our public schools.

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Please join us TODAY (12/8) at 4:30pm for a discussion on AFT Solidarity with Ukraine.

Panelists include @rweingarten, @IrwinRedlenerMD, and NYC teacher Alexandra Hernandez.

Register using the link below

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RT @SchlFinance101: The one, the only annual report on the adequacy of school funding across US states:

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Because states vary in their ability to raise revenue, our third "core" measure is the percentage of their economies devoted to K-12 schools (i.e., EFFORT).

Many states with relatively inadequate funding are low/med. effort, and have the ability to raise more revenue. [8/n]

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Finally, we offer some recommendations for improving systems. In short, determine district funding targets RIGOROUSLY (audit targets!). Then distribute state aid so all districts meet those targets minus a reasonable local contribution based on capacity/wealth. [10/n]

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