Wednesday | May 29, 2024


Defending Our Democracy:

The Crucial Role of the AANHPI Vote

in the 2024 Election



Mary Cathryn Ricker

Executive Director Albert Shanker Institute


Opening Remarks

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA 28)

Chair, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus 


Evelyn DeJesus

Executive Vice President, AFT

Board Member, Albert Shanker Institute


Panel Discussion

Jessica Tang

President, AFT Massachusetts; Co-Chair, AFT AAPI Task Force;

Vice President, AFT; Board Member, Albert Shanker Institute


Christine Chen

Executive Director, AAPI Votes 


Kent Wong
Project Director for Labor and Community Partnerships, UCLA Labor Center; Member, AFT AAPI Task Force; Vice President, California Federation of Teachers; Founding President, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance


Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders have been active participants in democracy and their stories and contributions are both part of American history and current American life.


We'll explore the historical context and current trends of AANHPI democratic participation, including voter engagement, highlighting the diverse perspectives and experiences within the community on electoral outcomes, both nationally and in key communities and battleground states. We'll discuss real solutions to the key issues that resonate with AANHPI voters, ranging from education and healthcare to immigration and economic justice.


Join us and celebrate AANHPI heritage month with a timely discussion on the crucial role of the AANHPI vote in the 2024 election.