Wednesday | April 8, 2015

Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education Conversation Series co-sponsored with the American Federation of Teachers

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, stark inequities continue to define American education. Part of the problem is the lack of political will to address the “savage inequalities” that plague American schools. American students with the greatest social and economic advantages are educated with the greatest resources – the richest curriculum, the best facilities, the latest textbooks and technology and the greatest concentration of accomplished teachers. Students who live in poverty and near poverty – and thus experience the greatest educational need – are on the short end of these resources. Part of the problem is the lack of political will to develop a diverse teaching force fully prepared to teach students from all socio-economic backgrounds and cultural heritages. From different experiences and areas of expertise, our panelists will address these issues.


Bruce Baker, Professor, Rutgers University Graduate School of Education

Lisa Delpit, Executive Director, Center for Urban Educational Excellence, Florida International University

John Jackson, President and CEO, Schott Foundation for Public Education

Robert L. Hughes, President, New Visions for Public Schools

Sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers, this conversation series is designed to engender lively and informative discussions on important educational issues. We deliberately invite speakers with diverse perspectives, including views other than those of the AFT and the Albert Shanker Institute. What is important is that these participants are committed to genuine engagement with each other.