Friday | March 13, 2015


Teaching and learning are not primarily individual accomplishments but rather social endeavors that are best achieved and improved through trusting relationships and teamwork. Yet, most recent policy efforts focus on improving education by increasing the individual capacities of teachers. What is to be gained from approaches that strike a balance between human and social capital? Could such policies encourage teachers to take greater shared responsibility for the learning of all students, not only across classrooms within a school but also schools within districts? Can collective capacity and autonomy be new directions for the teaching profession and a step toward whole system progress?


Carrie R. Leana, George H. Love Professor of Organizations and Management, University of Pittsburgh.

Susan Moore Johnson, Jerome T. Murphy Research Professor in Education, Harvard University.

John P. Papay, Assistant Professor of Education & Economics, Brown University.

The session will be led by Andy Hargreaves (Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education, Boston College) and Pasi Sahlberg (Finnish educator, author and scholar) who will frame the issues and keep the conversation exciting fielding questions from the audience.

This session was conceptualized by the Shanker Institute and is part of the 2015 Teaching & Learning Conference organized by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.


  • Speakers' slides [download here]


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  • The Importance of Relationships in Educational Improvement Video [watch here]