Monday | July 13, 2015


Improvement is as much about the capacities of educators and school leaders (human capital) as it is about the capacities and resources that are created between them (social capital) through interpersonal interaction, trust and cooperation, at all levels of the school organization and broader school system. What can teachers and leaders do themselves and what can they, as well as their advocates and representatives, demand from state and federal legislators? 

In this session, you will learn about the research behind system-level collaborative work, examples where this is taking place and strategies to sustain and scale these efforts so that we improve the larger context where students, teachers, and leaders do their work.


  • Alan J. Daly, Professor & Chair, Department of Education Studies (University of California San Diego) and ‚ÄčKara S. Finnigan, Associate Professor, Warner School of Education (University of Rochester).
  • Shimon Waronker, Headmaster, New American Academy Charter School, New York City.
  • Jeffrey Adkins-Dutro, English teacher & President, Peoria Federation of Teachers (Peoria, IL).
  • Kathy Buzad, Assistant to the Executive Vice President, American Federation of Teachers.
  • Esther Quintero, Senior Fellow, Albert Shanker Institute (Moderator).


  • Speakers' slides [download here]
  • Lessons from AFT Labor-Management Collaboration Case Studies [download here]
  • The Evidence on Union-Management Partnerships [download here]
  • The Social Side of Education Initiative [download here and here]
  • Peoria High School (Peoria, IL) School Improvement Grant [download here]