Jasmine Payne-Patterson

Senior State Policy Coordinator, Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN)

Jasmine Payne-Patterson joined the Economic Policy Institute in 2023 as a Senior State Policy Coordinator for the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN). She is a friend, advocate, scholar, and servant leader. An advocate for removing systemic barriers, she seeks to identify opportunities to combat intergenerational poverty, bolster socioeconomic mobility, and increase equity. Her key focus areas are economic empowerment, worker’s rights, housing, and social determinants of health.

Payne-Patterson has experience conducting research and advocating at the local, state, and federal levels holding positions at a plethora of nonprofits, government agencies, and campaigns. Previously she worked in the United States House of Representatives, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, CARE, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank, as well as several other community-centered organizations. Committed to community involvement, Payne-Patterson has served on various boards including the Georgia Piedmont Technical College Foundation board of trustees and as president of her homeowner’s association. 

She holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College. 

Believing that everyone can be a catalyst for change, she believes that “we are the ones that we have been waiting for.”