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K-12 Standardized Testing Craze Hinders Enthusiasm And Creativity For The Long Haul


I figured this out. Merit pay based on standardized testing. There are 180 days in a school year, which equals 1,080 hours of school each year (based on 6 hours a day, and I haven't minused the 20 minutes for morning recess, and 40 minutes for lunch). Now, look to how many hours the standardized testing takes, upon which a student's entire future is measured and a teacher's merit pay would be calculated: it's 6 hours of testing, one hour a day for 6 days. Does this make any sense at all?

Standardized testing gives one correct answer, one nearly correct, and two others very wrong. In the coming years, will the brain remember which is which, and will it care? How does getting a "proficient" on a multiple choice test have anything to do with the life a child will live 14 years later? This is insane.


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