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"No Comment" Would Have Been Better


So far he has lost $400 million in education funds. LOST another $270 million in NJ Transit funds for the tunnel he canceled. WAY TO GO! That's over HALF A BILLION this guy has lost right off the bat. He is on a mission to bust the teacher union and PRIVATIZE public education. He probably has ties to Univ of PHX and Kaplan Univ. Wake up and go to war with this guy. War has been declared on you! The worse he makes public ed out to be, the more of a case he will make to let Corp America take it over and he gets a fat pay day. Chris Christie does not care about education. Chris Christie does not care about children. Oh yeah and George Bush STILL does not care about black people!

New Jersey needs help! Education needs help! In NJ we have a Governor that has Education Advisory Committees made up of Charter school personnel. The NJ Governor does not speak to/with public school teachers. If teachers address his policies they are bombarded with comments of being bias, greedy, selfish, uncaring, using students as "drug mules,being the reason for lack of school suppies! NJ needs the help of the academia, they must stand up and voice their opinions before it is too late! Dr. Bruce Baker is willing to state the facts and his opinions where are the rest of you?


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