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A Response To Joel Klein


Joel Klein is a bandit and a saboteur. His legacy will reveal his complicity in the destruction of democratic ideals and public education. Shame on him.

Klein and Bloomberg claim they want the schools to follow more of a "business" model -- data-driven, etc. Yet, they have never defined who the "customer" is, for the DOE's "product". Is it: 1) The students? 2) The parents? 3) The colleges that have to figure out what to do with graduates of the DOE system? 4) Society at large, which is affected by the quality of DOE's "product" (education)? 5) The taxpayer, who must pay for the DOE's existence? 6) Someone else? Some other entity? Right now, it would appear that the only "customers" being served here are the voters, who get to decide if Bloomberg's trendy anti-teacher rhetoric is to their liking. No one ever follows up on graduates of the DOE system, or on dropouts from the DOE system, to see what kind of "product" was truly produced. Klein and Bloomberg shout "business data-driven model" when convenient, politically advantageous, and the cameras are rolling. But they haven't even defined the "customer," let alone the "product" they are providing.

Thank you for this article Mrs. Shanker. I've heard the charter school idea attributed to your late husband many times and always thought there was some detail that was overlooked and I obviously was right. The entire charter movement as it is understood today is merely a nicer word for privatization.


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