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Unsustainable Trends In Teacher Debt And Teacher Pay


Wow! This was a great read. I agree with you that we need more resources and options for teachers and prospective teachers trying to enter the education field. My favorite part of this blog (which you proudly stated), was your last sentence: “Education should be inclusive, but not at the cost of financial security.” Thank you for continuing the conversation.

Very well put. I think this topic is very important to have based on the question you raised around how educators can afford the cost of living while paying off their student debt at the same time. It’s close to impossible and with articles like this, the conversation can get going and hopefully a long-term solution can be made.

Great post, Bilan. As an educator (with a Master's), student loan debt is by far my biggest financial concern. It can really add to the stress of the profession, which is already very stressful. They say that most new teachers leave the profession for the private sector by year 5. With these numbers, I can understand why! Thanks for the insights.

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