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Can It Happen Here? Donald Trump And The Fracturing Of America's Constitutional Order


The United States has elected such unqualified leader to govern the most powerful Country in the world. It should open the citizen's eyes to how the lack of education in the population and an outdated electoral system can lead to having such a poor and damaging leader. In addition, the lack of education in our population has created a percentage of uneducated, highly conspiratorial, and Uber-Religious fanatics that resemble characteristics to the Nazi following. To the point that this following would find it remotely logical to compare Gun Restrictions for State Safety to literally Promoting Fear Mongering towards a specific group and race of people that have shown to benefit the Economy time and time again. P.S. Theirs and obvious distinction to Fire Arm Restriction & Banning Fire Arms

Donald Trump has brainwashed these American people with his lies . I am asking for some sanity to take place by the officials that we have elected to run this country . Every vote will be counted and the people of this country will hopefully escape from this insanity cult like behavior. Please wake up people and realize that we are being lied to by a dictator , that idolizes Kim jon un of North Korea and Putin of Russia . I pray that our new president elect will get us thru this crisis and we can all work together to keep this country safe . God help us all

Wow. What a display of hypocrisy. How you can sleep at night after publishing such a pile of shit. You just like main street media are so far left bias its pathetic. What makes you so high and mighty that you can denounce half of america? Most of your comments are so full of shit its concerning. Where are all the facts of the fake dossier, false immigrant policies,and trumps party of racist supporters? Its all bullshit. But congrats to you for being able to pass an article of fiction off as facts. I think the uneducated voters you're trying to control with this article of misinformation are as insane as you. To suppress one party like you are trying to do is exactly how Hitler rose to power. Disgraceful

I absolutely agree with Freddie Smith

- Agree, - Trump has been following Hitler's Blueprint of Evil , propaganda, and deceit. Many Trump cronies in the Senate must also be held accountable for this Trump destruction to our Republic. - The mostly 'do-nothing' Congress is also to blame, and new laws enacted so this Crap does Not happen again by future presidents and senators. - Trump will probably escape to Putin's lair in near future.

Are you serious? Trump is the ONLY thing saving us from turning into Nazi Germany. He is battling everyone in our gov. that have slowly infiltrated everything Religion, education, and the fake media. If you don't believe me then ask yourself why the hell you are wearing a mask that does not work, for a virus with a 99% recovery, locked down art home, losing your businesses over a plan demic that was intentionally released with China's help to do just that, get you under control. This situation is DIRE. The American people have got to come together and stand with Trump and take our Gov. And Country back, unless you want your kids and grandkids to be monitored, controlled, no land, one salary and put into "reeduction classes", or in other words a concentration camp, but chances are you will be sent there first. This article is just another way to spew lies and divide you from others, and confuse you. Let me put it to you this way. If Joe Biden tells you something, it is the opposite. He has done nothing for 47 years except steal our money, bribe foreign countries for billions of dollars with his Crack head son's help, and fyi, Pelosi and John Kerry have kids in that same situation. Look up their net worth. All if them. Donald Trump donates his salary and so does Ivanka. Have you ever seen another prez. do that? Of course not. If you love the home of the brave and the land of the free and you want to make sure that your loved ones who died in made up wars defending this country didn't die in vain, then you'd better get ready to fight, because whether you know it or not...WE ARE AT WAR.

It’s a good time to update this blog, using recent events, and extend the parallel

I read the article after asking myself "what are other countries seeing and thinking about the United States. My though, this country is ripe for the picking. We need to take out country back. How, I don't know. But we need to figure it out before we find ourselves in a big hole we can't get out of. Im just saying.

Whoever wrote this article is a complete moron.

This has to be the most ridiculous Trump Derangement syndrome propaganda that I have read in recent memory. I can not take this anti Trump diatribe seriously and no one with an IQ above 50 should.


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