Eckhard Voss

Founding Partner and Senior Researcher on European Affairs at Wilke, Maack GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Eckhard Voss is one of the founding partners, senior researchers and advisers on European affairs at the management consultant firm Wilke, Maack GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. Having studied political science and history, he has been working on European policy issues for more than 20 years with a strong focus on employment development and industrial relations from a comparative research perspective. His main areas of research and competence are the development of labor and social relations in Europe, industrial relations and social dialogue as well as restructuring and change in the field of employment, social and working conditions. During the last two decades, together with colleagues from all over Europe, Voss has carried out and coordinated many studies for European Union-level clients such as the EU Commission, Eurofound, the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Parliament as well as social partners both at cross-sectoral as well as sectoral levels (e.g. public services, railways, temporary agency work, food industry, metalworking, or commerce) in Europe. Recurrent themes of his research are corporate restructuring, transnational social dialogue, European Works Councils new forms of employment, workers’ participation, collective bargaining and cross-border labor migration/posting of workers.