Educating for Democratic Citizenship Lesson Plans

In America and throughout the world, the norms and institutions that provide the foundation of democracy are under assault. Self-government by “we the people” is demanding, requiring a degree of mutual respect, civility and understanding that the Shanker Institute remains committed to fostering. We also believe that citizen engagement, at every level, is both possible and central to rebuilding a strong and vibrant democracy "democracy is achieved or saved when a pro-democratic majority acts with enough unity and purpose to overcome those threats without fracturing." As one of our long-standing priorities, the Albert Shanker Institute is dedicated to research, dialogue, and partnerships that protect and strengthen democracy at home and abroad.

One of the Institute's new featured programs is Educating for Democratic Citizenship which features "Action Civics" lessons and related materials developed by a group of accomplished, experienced educators which we hope will improve teaching and learning of American History, Government, and Civics for teachers and students.  This Action Civics approach supports students’ learning about the political process as they identify, research, and take informed action on issues that are important to them. These meaningful learning experiences help young people gain knowledge, develop skills, and grow their motivation for lifelong civic participation. These lessons can be found on a dedicated section of ShareMyLesson.