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Beyond Anecdotes: The Evidence About Financial Incentives And Teacher Retention


Don't uniform salary increases also "assume teachers make career decisions in response to money"? Unfortunately, I don't seem much of a political constituency for raising teacher salaries in a uniform way.

Incentives will only raise the stakes on standardized testing. Wasn't there a program in DCPS when Rhee was chancellor? And didn't they find an unusual ratio of wrong to right corrections on the tests? In my opinion, the way we evaluate teachers today does little to reflect his or her true value. We need to develop a system that collaboratively measures teachers from bottom to top, meaning measures from students, parents, peers, and administrators. Basing it on test scores and a couple of lesson observations does little to get a true view of the value of a teacher. There are so many variables beyond a teacher's control that contribute to a student's performance.

Great post.

Mort Zuckerman Blames Lack of Upward Mobility in America on Teachers Unions Read the post! This guy Mort needs his head examined!

Student motivation is the most important factor in student performance. The Draft during the Vietnam War had much more impact on student motivation to study hard and get into college than teachers' influences.


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