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College Attainment In The U.S. And Around The World


It's true that other countries are growing at a faster pace than the US, but these charts are misleading because they represent two different age groups. For older people, the US had the highest attainment rate, but among younger cohorts, the US has been slipping, not only relative to the rest of the world but also to previous generations within the US.

Interesting that Germany's college-completion rate is so low, well below the OECD average. Yet Germany has the most dynamic economy in Europe. What does that tell us?

Hi Bob, You say that the charts are "misleading" because they "represent two different age groups." I'm not sure how that's so, given that they are specifically identified as such, but here are the rates for all age cohorts in 2010: 25-34: 42% 35-44: 43% 45-54: 40% 55-64: 41% Here are the rates from 2001: 25-34: 39% 35-44: 38% 45-54: 40% 55-64: 31% (Cite for 2001: Thanks for the comment. MD


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