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Estimated Versus Actual Days Of Learning In Charter School Studies


Confusing test scores with learning is the first error here. I guess you can ponder building a better test prep factory like this opinion piece does but... so? The writer appears to go along with the political narrative that we must reject. Sorry, but no more using test scores to mislead the public, increase donations to one think tank or another or push a political agenda. We must reject the long held myth that test scores matter or equal learning. If I spend extra time hitting a mule maybe it will travel an extra mile.

Interesting. I'd like to see some analysis if there are similarly different educational outcomes for districts that mandate different amounts of instructional time. My hypothesis (based on some isolated examples) is that there are not, and that simply adding more days to the school calendar would not, by itself, raise scores. My guess is that you need two ingredients: a better system for instruction (which has many variables), and more instructional days.

This is highly useful analysis, Mr. Di Carlo: thanks. How certain schools, chains, districts, and other educational jurisdictions achieve positive measurable effects, including improved test scores, is a candidate for the Holy Grail of educational research, and many people blow much wind about without having any other effect. Your research's impact applies to questions well beyond the KIPP effect; it is consistent with how certain Asian countries, for example, win PISA contests (for what they are worth) without being particularly efficient or satisfactory to their citizenry and without being especially admirable in any other way.


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