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Five Things Not To Do When Schools Re-open


Thanks Pasi. Really agree with this. I’m wondering about different contexts such as South Asia where I’m about to head to work and whether these things would still stand true? What do you think? Thanks Vanessa

I’m a Brazilian researcher and i thing this 5 not ate very important to discuss in my crazy country wich is nor prepared to a new normal

There are school models that are working for students of color ....


#6 - Abolish perfect attendance awards!!! We all know that attendance equals money and the "perfect attendance award" has nothing to do with scholastic or personal accomplishment. In a post pandemic era this award certainly sends the wrong message as I believe it always has. There should never have been a badge of honor for ignoring self care and potentially infecting others...let's please stop that madness once and for all. Keep sick kids at home and if you have a very healthy child who "never" gets sick, give them a few mental health days to ponder life or do something special. As a California teacher, I had been upset with families for years that sent sick kids to school because of their own imperative economics never considering the health and welfare of an entire student population and the staff and families their selfishness could endanger.


This is a brilliant article Pasi!!

I need more of post covid information for schools

I had perfect attendance in every year of school, grades 1-12. I have never heard it referred to as my own selfishness. I have seen the same behaviors carried over to my work attendance, and I'm glad to see my own kids going as often as they can. That being said, sick kids should stay at home and be excused by the school system.

Thanks for this insightful article. I have long argued that the term 'learner' is a neo liberal construction in tune with stultifying our youth. The more appropriate term is 'student'. Students self study at home is really central. In grade 9 I did not have a maths teacher for several months. In that time I learned the most in maths, basically studied the textbook on my own from cover to cover. Thank you for the article.


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