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Gender Pay Gaps And Educational Achievement Gaps


"Might argue an institutionalized form of discrimination?" Someone has to bear and raise children and that burden falls predominantly on women in our society, with very little support. If women "choose" to work part-time, it is often not a choice in the true sense of the word. If women are paid less because of the choices they must make in order to become parents, and men do not have to make these choices or take a drop in pay to become a parent, then it is a real case of discrimination. Also, one might question why part-time pay should be any less on an hourly basis than full-time pay. Part of designing effective policies is not looking just at the gap, but addressing the confounding factors, whether these include a lack of paid maternity leave and affordable quality childcare options or aspects of the educational system that may exaccerate the achievement gap (such as long summer breaks during which disadvantaged students receive little enrichment while more advantaged students have opportunities to continue progressing).

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