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The Impact Of Race To The Top Is An Open Question (But At Least It's Being Asked)


Point taken about our current ignorance. But your lede should have been: "The tendency of our public policy discourse toward immediate gratification and instant results is almost never well-suited for policy changes of this magnitude, which are incredibly complex, take years to play out, and certainly cannot be assessed, even tentatively, using raw proficiency rate changes." Because this, in my opinion, is one of the major reasons why we have instituted vast and profound policy changes based on speculation. Experimenting on a generation.

It is not too soo to conclude that RttT's inspired policies that helped provoke the Chicago strike, contributed to Wisconsin, and empowered teacher-bashers in numerous state capitols, including far rightwingers in my state, who love to describe Arne Duncan as their "favorite Democrat." It is not too soon to conclude that labor policies drafted by technocrats will be implemented, in many states for the foreseeable future, by anti-labor ideologues. Even if RttT does some good eductionally (perhaps even enough to offset the educational harm done by policies it inspired), those not-ready-for-prime-time policies are only half of the equation. Consider the overall effect of giving such a risky social policy to politicians who believe that the only good worker is a defeated worker.


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