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Making Sense Of Florida's School And Teacher Performance Ratings


Matthew--Florida is rated 45th in the Country in education --44th in the country with graduation rates --one of the highest in the Country with bullying problems...One of the worst in the Country with drop out rates 9-12 grades. Charter Schools are fudging their student grades to get higher State rankings and they are submitting false student counts to get more money from the State.

Your explanation was the closest I have seen as to what is happening but can you explain how ESE figures into any of the equations? Once again there are whole segments of students and teachers who were not figured into the equations except as an after thought yet those students scores on an entirely different test which has nothing to do with their educational needs affect the evaluations of teachers and grades of schools. Until we find a way to fairly evaluate students' progress, teacher performance, and include all areas of education, there will be problems and confusion.

The truth is parents have more impact on a child's education than teachers. If a parent doesn't care about the child's education, neither will the child; if the parent blames the teacher for the child's lack of performance, so will the child. Encouraging parental involvement, and providing mentorship when parental involvement is lacking is what is needed. Many elementary schools in Charlotte County are Title 1 and have a family center, which has various activities to encourage families to visit, and the schools have high scores. Not that these scores are due to the family center only, there are other activities and programs that help. The focus should be on figuring out what works. You wouldn't punish a child for not knowing how to tie his shoes, you would teach him.

after reading the above gobbly-gook, i have only a few things to say, where ever it meets any agenda. 1) dump the Fcat testing program that has been thrust on the school children. When started, this fcat was suppose to be a test for the teachers but somehow was heaped on the heads of the student. The pressure to pass this piece of garbage was unending, thus taking away from basic and fundamental studies.2)demand that all teachers have back ground checks. 3)Demand that all teachers be certified through the state with a license.4) Insist that all teachers have the ability to teach without the constant use of computers, even as far as requiring the student to test on the device....not all students have access to these devices 5)Remind teachers that the public school classrooms are NOT a babysitting location for their elderly parents and relatives.6)Restore pride in school for the flag and pledge and return the Bible to the classrooms...7)last but not least, communication between teacher and parent is vital and should be a requirement,face to face no e-mails. This communication should be required between teacher and student.The best way to make sure students are learning is to teach the basics from American written text and not from political opinion.

Elephant in the room: The obsession with test scores occurs independantly from any proven connection to learning. This obsession flows from a marketing agenda. It has wild random error rates and no verified reliability in the evaluation of educators, administrators, or institutions. Rather, it is highly political in nature.


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