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Marie Kondo The Curriculum


Thank you so much for this post; it is by far the single best one I have seen in all of the pandemic coverage and commentary. We are in such grave danger of reinforcing the deficit paradigm, when we could productively use this moment in history to understand anew what truly constitutes learning.

I would like to know more about how to implement these strategies as a teacher

I am reclaiming my whole house! Decluttering everything!

Shakespeare is not essential. Especially for 2nd language learners. Irrelevant. Save Shakespeare for college. With the dumbing down of America, critical thinking and science are the most important subjects. Real life issues: Covid, Climate Change, human population and resources, how to grow food, fix things, live sustainably on the planet, purify water...etc.

Great post. It let me to reflect on the way I teach and how I can improve it. Thank you

This article confirms what we taught and how we taught from March through June. Great to know that our curriculum has to be adjusted according to what we feel is important. Thank you!

The message was clear and felt right especially with the 4 an 5 years olds that I teach. We need to be thoughtful, patient, giving to ourselves that our curriculum will and can look different, the essential foundation implemented, but with the big take away, we are still swimming in this pandemic. We need to take care of the whole child and the whole teacher and thus travel and learn together at the direction of the children more than every.

This article felt just right. I teach 4 and 5 years old. We need to be forgiving to our selves when re -thinking the impotent learning we want to happen. We need to think about the whole child. We are in this pandemic still, and though children are resilient, we need to follow their lead, their needs.

What a wonderful metaphor to use in describing what we are going through during this collective traumatic time. Light bulb moments happening during this read. Thank you!

Great post! One of the best I've read so far since the beginning of the pandemic. This is the perfect time for decluttering everything and keeping the Focus on what matters most.


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