New Books For The Youngest Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

Citizens across the United States have been deeply moved by the scenes of devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. At the Albert Shanker Institute, we offer our condolences to those who have lost loved ones, and to the thousands upon thousands who have lost their homes.

Educators and those who care about our public schools can make a special contribution to the recovery efforts. One of the great losses in the flooding that came with Hurricane Sandy was books. The Albert Shanker Institute is partnering with the organization First Book in a drive to replenish school, classroom, and home libraries that were destroyed. We are asking our friends and fellow educators to join in this campaign: your help will ensure that children in need will have new books -- stories at bedtime, the chance to be transported to another world, and the opportunity to return to normalcy.

As a result of contributions from the Albert Shanker Institute, the AFT, and other First Book partners, your contribution to this drive will be matched, dollar for dollar.

With the resources of First Book, which replaced five million books after Hurricane Katrina, the cost of a single book is only $2.50, so your contribution will have maximum effect. A modest contribution of $25 on your part will buy twenty books for children who have lost so much. Your contributions are charitable donations which are tax deductible.

You can make your contribution here.