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Proficiency Rates And Achievement Gaps


How does one evaluate a teacher or a school district? To really answer this question you must actually be involved with the school system. Daily examining what progress is made or what is lacking in the total school environment. The Los Angeles school District has given it's soul to the devil. There is so much corruption within it and it's UTLA that unless you are closely involved in school programs it is hard to tell or know all of the deviance that is working in the city of L.A.

Talk to a senior teacher and you will find that teachers do not run the school system. They are told what they can and can not teach. They blocked many times from helping their students be successful in their own classrooms. The school board is using money for projects more for themselves then for students. Making this entire educational story look as if it is the teachers. It's not the teachers. It how the school is administrated.

Talk to the EXCELLENT senior teachers who were fired by the School Board because it was stated that they make too much money. Would you please protect the young teachers who are spending thousands of dollars to be teachers and then finding that made a terrible mistake in just want to "HELP" young children. Just because they as God says "Love your neighbor as yourself"


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