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Ready, Disclaim, Fire


I'm a retired public school teacher in Michigan; we need to counter the idea that public employees are over paid by beginning a referendum petition to set the pay for the Governor, the members of the State Legislature, all mayors, school administrators, city managers, etc. at no less more than the average wage of hourly employees in Michigan. In the case of the legislators they can only be paid for the actual hours that they are actually on the floor of the legislature or physically present at public hearings on proposed laws, and that none of them can receive pay for more than a 40 hour week! They are the ones that got us into this miss, they should share in the sacrifice! Isn't that what "Tricky Ricky" claims he wants?

If most of those public employees are "professionals", why do they need a union? The private sector employees apparently do well without them.

Dear Dennis, We have a Union to help settle wage disputes, negotiate a fair contract, hold us accountable as professionally trained individuals, and give us a political leg to stand upon. Without Unions, our school districts would be a constant quagmire of overworked, underpaid, and underqualified individuals who are suppose to be educating the children of our and YOUR future. Do you honestly believe our schools would be better without them? If so, go to your next school board meeting (if you've never been to one, you have little right to question MY Union and its importance) and see if you feel the same about Unions after the meeting. Walk a mile in my shoes before you criticize something you know NOTHING about. Hully


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