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Student Discipline, Race And Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Charter Schools


This is a fantastic post combining multiple data sources. Do any of the reports categorize the suspensions by severity of incident (ie fighting, drugs/substance abuse, lewd behavior, minor offenses, etc)? I know discipline reports are notoriously unreliable but this would be really a good look into what's happening

This report points to clear inequality in the Moskowitz Success Academy schools when she claims otherwise. I witnessed a Success Academy student as he was removed from his school, made to sit on a sidewalk bench, and told that he could not go back to the school until he behaved. Public school teachers do not have this option and "tone" is often placed solely at the classroom door. It is my hope that a sensible dialogue can take place, in light of this report, which will serve to address the needs of the classroom teachers who are increasingly powerless to address the larger milieu that contributes to misbehavior.

It is so discouraging that the lies that Eva tells are really hurting the students that she pretends to be " helping"! She is perpetrating a fraud!

This so-called school reform initiative is a disgrace, systematically victimizing and profiteering from our city's youngest and most vulnerable citizens. What is clear is that the continuous attacks on public education and teachers have paved the way for this kind of financial empire that she and other career opportunists have built in a relatively short time. Not only do they see themselves as being above the law, it is a very lucrative enterprise for her and the financial "advisors" who often sit on these charter school boards while simultaneously inflating the coffers of their private companies with monies they charge the "schools" for contractual services. The lack of accountability, fiscal, educational and moral, of these enterprises is indicative of how many greedy power brokers are benefitting from this corporate scheme. How do these people look at themselves in the mirror?

That minority students may come to school with more behavior problems is not mentioned. Neither are the results of how more safe public schools have become since suspensions have been lowered. One must have discipline to learn a discipline. Pandering to poor behaviors dies little to improve these children and does much to disrupt the learning of their peers. Just having larger suspension numbers does not tell the whole story and is not necessarily an indication of oppression of minorities.

I just learned about Eva Moskowitz and her teachers via the NYTimes. In the story she is quoted as comparing instilling discipline in a 1st grader as equivalent to doing so with an olympic athlete. She is mentally ill.

Bronx Success Academy A second grader was using the bathroom when some in his class held him down while another student punched him in his eye. The fact that these children were allowed to go to the bathroom alone without supervision is very dangerous. The second grader has a cut under his eye very close to his eye ball. This happened on Thursday April 21, 2016, On Friday April 22, 2016 the aggressor was still allowed in the same classroom. I am very afraid for the second grader with the cut under his eye. I would like to know why this was not addressed on Friday April 22, 2016 and why was the aggressor allowed to be in the same class room. The FACT that the young second grader has a cut so closed to his eye is a very serious issue. Ms. Moskowitz please address this issues ASAP. thank you

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