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Under The Hood Of School Rating Systems


Matt, Can you find a scattergram FOR A SINGLE URBAN DISTRICT, as opposed to an entire state, that looks that way? I'm afraid you've made the common mistake of value-added advocates who look at averages and entire states and thus miss the point. What would a scattergram of Denver look like? Here's why this is important. Value-added can't adequately account for peer effects. Urban districts have suffered from decades of suburban flight, leaving concentrations of poverty and trauma. When you devise a target for a teacher, scores from the entire district, including those with positive learning climates like magnets and lower poverty schools are included and they create a target that tends to be impossible for teachers in chaotic and dangerous schools. Can you find a scattergram of high schools (where there is more sorting)that looks that way? I can show you scattergrams of Tulsa high schools that look like scattergrams in New Jersey, where the lower right hand quarter is empty. For History, every single high school was low performing and low growth or high performing and high growth. Bruce Baker has scattergrams that tell the same story. I think our graphics are far more common than your's. And, like I said, I'd be shocked if even Denver, which seems to be enlighten in its vam efforts, looks like the state as a whole. And, what would your graphics look at if it wasn't math but classes that require reading comprehension? What if they showed high poverty schools taking Common Core?


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