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A Very Happy Egyptian-American


Heba, I last saw you at El Fishawi cafe, 7 or 8 years ago now. I hope we can meet again there, in a free, prosperous, and peaceful Egypt!

Dear Heba, Thanks for sending us the link to your article. You definitely are among those (few?) who really know what they are talking about when it comes to Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. We hope and pray that all the courage and dignity that were so obvious in Tahrir Square will continue to define Egypt's road to democracy. Please keep us posted re anything you are doing, writing, etc.. in connection with this historic event. Our very best, Dick and Anca

Heba, I am so happy for you and all Egyptians and Egyptian Americans. What a wonderful day it was. The Egyptian people have set a stirring example for all of us. Hard work lies ahead, but work which can bring a beautiful outcome. Jean

Ya Heba - 'alf mabrouk and so much more. I am hopeful about the future of Egypt and pray the people can continue to make their wishes come true! It's a wonderful time now: first the Ottoman Empire; second the royal family; third the dictator; and now it is time for the people!

Ya Heba ... Mabrouk!! We know the path ahead will be a windy one, but what a wonderful beginning. We are very happy for you and your wonderful country. Enjoy every bit of this moment !!

Dearest Heba, Thank you for the message and I have been thinking of you as the the events have been unfolding.I feel hopeful that Egypt will become a much better place for all Egyptians, Enshallah Raoul

Heba, you have no idea how happy we are for Egypt and fir Egyptians!!! Very nice article, I am sure you are going to be celebrating for a long time:) Mabrouk!!!


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