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Three Questions For Those Who Dismiss The Nashville Merit Pay Study


Why should smart, talented and hardworking people go into a field where the big bonuses are tied to such problematic analyses like value-added analysis? Why wouldn't a smart, talented and hardworking person want a known and more predictable salary? From whence does the assumption that the best potential teachers are big risk-takers with their own financial futures?

Merit pay only works if you redefine "merit" -which cannot be based merely on a test score. How is that any different from No Child Left Behind? Merit needs to be an objective number based on multiple criteria including testing, PLUS - years in service, certifications, degrees, performance evals, and peer reviews. EVERY profession on the planet is based on some level of minimum output. What on earth makes teaching so different that these particular employees are immune to being evaluated (albeit correctly), then compensated appropriately?


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