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Can It Happen Here? Donald Trump And The Fracturing Of America's Constitutional Order


I agree with everything published and referenced on this page. I compared Trump to Hitler before he won the election. I fear for our nation and democracy if people do not start thinking of the ramifications of what he has spawned.

who says it cannot happen again, this time with cooperation of Israel and comrads in Saudi Arabia, all engineered by Trump & Kushner? The model mimics 1939 exactly. Why else would there be no 2020 Republican Party platform for 2020?

Thank God Mr.Biden won, we must protect our constitutional rights and civil rights, our freedoms, that we have, and make all our freedoms more free and happy, so all Americans can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness justice success prosperity for all people in America, pray effectively always, and vote for the democratic party, so all people in America, can always enjoy life now and always!!!!!!!!!!

I think America is just beginning to wake up. Most know what could happen but do they know the severity of the destruction of the Democratic system and the future of their children’s life. Good luck to America on Election Day. Regards, Wayne Gushue ( A Proud Canadian in a peaceful nation)

It’s happened here already! What do you think happened to indigenous people of Turtle Island? Now North America? Genocide ! Hell Hitler took notes from when Europeans came to steal the land from the first people of this nation! Tell the truth about the history of the beginning of America and the forefathers who instructed soldiers To kill Indians the whole race was to be eliminated President Lincoln called it ”the Indian problem” ... genocide of American Indians was worse than Hitler killing the Jewish. Hitler even was quoted saying “Americans were worse” where do you think some of his ideas came from. If you think what you read in school is true about history!! Your wrong! True history of how America started Was a lie, a lie to be made up so they could be hero’s brave and strong. The truth is they would slaughter women and children cut woman’s breasts off and wear them as trophy’s on their hats! They cut little boys scrotums off doing the same. This is not conquering this is Genocide in the most insidious way! Was America founded on Christianity? NO! After that is when separation of state and religion came about.

What a nice, delusional rant. Glad I didn't waste precious moments of life reading the whole mess.

Keep deluding yourself, Joe. You are officially a member of the Trump cult as far as I can tell...not too different from the brainwashed Hitler cult.

As I’m reading through this article it’s hitting me how bias it is as well as accusive. Making Trump sound like Hitler when the contrary, the Democrats seem to have that position. Their constant actions of Freight in the streets just like the brown shirts did during the Hitler regime, Stripping the public of their guns, causing separation of race and religion, limiting and eventually illuminating the first amendment, freedom of speech. It seems the Democrats are the ones who are and will be committing these actions In order to enlarge the government and take over power of the people. This article is completely biased.

you are part of the problem and learn to punctuate.

YOU'RE Wrong. Like Trump, YOU'RE not a fan of education.


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