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Evasive Maneuvers


I am sympathetic to the argument that the lower-income people are shouldering more of the burden of public spending but going after corporations is not the solution. It's not just that they pass on costs to consumers but that corporations are comprised of individuals. The solution is a more progressive tax structure while also raising capital gains taxes on individuals. If a wealthy person wants to leave the country fine but I doubt they will, while corporations, as you say, have a easier time setting up shadow entities. It's a mistake to treat corporations like persons from a legal perspective so from a tax perspective we should be consistent as well. Of course the wealthy will kick and scream about having their tax rates raised but no more than if we raised corporate rates. Putting the burden on wealthy individuals has the added benefit that if they want to whine about their taxes they have to look at their workers with a straight face at the same time. With corporate taxes they can always blame taxes for falling wages. Try telling your workers they don't get a raise this year because allowing Bush's tax cuts on incomes over $250,000 are hurting their pocketbook. Imagine...


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