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Who Doesn't Trust Unions?


What's the actual percentage (by age or, say, 10-year-age groups if N is too low) of people answering 'hardly any confidence'?

Chappy, Here you go (pooled 2006-2010): 21-30: 16.6 31-40: 25.2 41-50: 29.4 51-60: 35.9 61-70: 38.5

OK, speculation: cranky old males who have already gotten "theirs" and cranky young males who are afraid that someone else will steal "theirs".

I didn't read the original post about your study, but it seems the question you asked might not actually related to being pro or anti-union. If you ask people whose jobs were shipped overseas if they have confidence in unions they may so no, even if they are pro-union and simply with unions were stronger and better able to do more than they currently can.

Hi Jess, Thanks for the comment. Very true. I noted in the second paragraph that I was using the term "anti-union" for simplicity's sake. I do think confidence is a half-decent measure of whether someone is "pro" or "anti," but you're absolutely right that this is not necessarily the case. MD


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