The Collection and Availability of Teacher Diversity Data: A State-by-State Survey

This research brief presents a comprehensive summary of the collection and availability of teacher diversity data, based on our 2017 survey of all 51 state education agencies.

Teaching in Context: The Social Side of Education Reform

Teaching in Context (Harvard Education Press, 2017) provides new evidence from a range of leading scholars showing that teachers become more effective when they work in organizations that support them in comprehensive and coordinated ways. The volume is edited by ASI senior fellow Esther Quintero and has a foreword by Andy Hargreaves.

The State of Teacher Diversity in American Education

At the same time that the minority student population in the U.S. has increased dramatically, the percentage of nonwhite teachers nationwide only increased from 12 to 17 percent between 1987 and 2012. This report analyzes the national trends and takes a closer look at what has been happening in nine major U.S. cities, finding that substantial representation gaps between minority teachers and minority students persist.

Constitution Day 2022 Resources and Blog Series

As we recognize Constitution Day this year, so much is stake—our institutions, our rights and our ability to teach. So the Albert Shanker Institute and Share My Lesson are launching a series of teach-ins to provide content knowledge on the rights granted in the Constitution, with teachable strategies for the classroom.

Ensuring Adequate Education Funding For All: A New Federal Foundation Aid Formula

A proposal for and simulation of a new "foundation formula" approach to federal K-12 funding, one in which federal funds are allocated based not only on student need (as is currently the case), but also on “effort”—that is, whether states contribute a reasonable minimum "fair share" of their economies to their public schools.

Segregation and School Funding: How Housing Discrimination Reproduces Unequal Opportunity

A descriptive analysis of the historical and contemporary relationship between racial segregation and K-12 school funding.

Voting Rights and Disability Rights Blog Series

This blog series builds on an event ASI co-sponsored with The Century Foundation where U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth and a distinguished group of experts discussed the threat to voting rights and why it is critical to protect them, especially for people with disabilities, and what Congress is considering doing to protect voting rights for all Americans.

The Adequacy and Fairness of State School Finance Systems (fourth edition)

A national evaluation of the K-12 school finance systems of all 50 states and D.C., published by researchers from the Albert Shanker Institute and Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

Constitution Day 2021 Blog Series

In honor of Constitution Day (September 17th), this blog series invites teachers and leaders in the field of civics and democracy education to address the question: Why is it important to teach the Constitution?

Public and Private School Segregation in New York City

This report presents an analysis of student segregation by race and ethnicity in New York City, focusing on segregation within and between the city's public and private school sectors.