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Do Americans Think Government Should Reduce Income Inequality?


Well no duh the 99% wants to take from the 1%! Wouldn't it be awesome if you could set your own wages at work too! This is ridiculous. Who cares what the American people "want". What happened to the right to own property and use it as the individual sees fit. Why is this even an issue? How does anyone with half a brain not see what is fundamentally wrong with this mob rule mentality where anyone who has money is up for grabs via government taxation. I swear you people read the story of a couple dishonest businessmen, suddenly assume every millionaire must have screwed you over, and to atone for that, they must pay 50% or more tax on their money. When you go buy a burger at McDonald's, your cashier doesn't charge you based on what you make, where the heck does our government get off thinking that they can charge based on that either.


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