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Economic Shocks And Attitudes Toward Redistribution


Thanks, nice piece. Comment: Any economic theory that rests on the assumption that people are 'rational' has been pretty much shattered, so we can drop that one out. Also, what is 'government action'? Pretty abstract and ideologically charged. Income inequality also is an abstraction to most people; terms like fairness, the availability of good-paying jobs, job security, etc. are more accessible, but economic studies tend to shy away from such expressions. One of the issues we face is that the economic profession itself is in crisis; the market-based, 'neo-liberal' consensus that ruled policy for more than three decades is broken, reputations have been tarnished, policy is in disarray and economic nationalists of the right and the left have found traction among substantial numbers of voters. Attitudes shaped by years of bad policy informed by deeply-flawed economic theories are, naturally, tough to capture. Given the stakes, though, this is an area that needs a lot of attention and I'm glad you guys are making a contribution.

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