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Past Event

The Future of Teacher Education and Preparation

Studies and reports that diagnose the health of American teacher education and prescribe remedies for its ills have turned into a cottage industry in recent years. There is little consensus, however, on the condition of the patient, much less on the regimen of treatment the patient should undergo.


Past Event

Disrupting the Prison Pipeline

How do we ensure that our schools become vehicles for escaping poverty and constructing meaningful, productive lives as democratic citizens, and not the starting point of an institutional arrangement that ends in mass incarceration?


Past Event

Early Childhood Education: The Word Gap & The Common Core

Do the Common Core State Standards represent a threat or an opportunity for the early childhood field?


Past Event

Early Childhood Education: The Word Gap & the Common Core

Given states’ difficulties in implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) thoughtfully, many early childhood educators have begun to worry about what the NAEYC refers to as “a downward pressure of increased academic focus and more narrowed instructional approaches.”


Past Event

Quality Assessments for Educational Excellence

The conversation focused on federal and state policy on student assessment, with an eye to identifying policies that would promote best assessment practices.


Past Event

Fulfilling The Promise Of a Quality Education for All: 21st Century Career & Technical Education

This New York City conference (co-sponsored with the UFT) was designed to allow participants to share their expertise in CTE policy, practice, and research, as well as to deepen their understanding of how quality CTE can serve to expand the educational and career horizons of all students.


Past Event

Civic Purposes of Public Education and the Common Core

One of the primary purposes of public education is to foster an engaged and well-educated citizenry: For a democracy to function, the "people" who rule must be prepared to take on the duties and the rights of citizens.


Past Event

The Use And Misuses of Value-Added in Teacher Evaluations: Three Perspectives

Nationally-recognized experts, Linda Darling Hammond, Douglas Harris and Thomas Kane will present and discuss concrete proposals for how to incorporate test-based performance measures into new teacher evaluations


Past Event

Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education Conversation Series, 2013-2014

Co-sponsored with the American Federation of Teachers and held the second Wednesday of every month during the school year, this series is designed to engender lively and informative conversations on important educational issues.


Past Event

Event: Afro Cuban Activists

The Albert Shanker Institute hosted a meeting and reception for Afro-Cuban civil rights activists Leonardo Calvo, Manuel Cuesta Morua, and Rafel Campoamor on June 3 from in Washington, D.C.


Past Event

Good Schools VIII / Doing Assessment Right

In the wake of No Child Left Behind, the demands on educational testing are heavier than ever – from diagnosis to instructional improvement to gate-keeping to accountability for students, teachers, and schools. What would a useful assessment system look like at the state and local levels? What are the conceptual and practical issues that must be confronted to achieve such a system?


Past Event

The Role of Curriculum in Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs

This workshop session offered an overview of research on why the early acquisition of broad content knowledge is crucial to young children’s later academic success, and provides a guide so that the design, choice, and use of teacher training materials is improved by careful focus on content suitable for three and four year olds.


Past Event

Good Schools VII / Turning Around Low-Performing Schools

Districts across the country are struggling to improve low-performing schools, many using school improvement formulas imbedded in state and federal law. But what can research tell us about the relevance of family and school context to learning?


Past Event

Good Schools VI / Multiple Measures of Teacher Performance: What Does It Mean? How Is It Implemented?

The quest to define and measure teacher effectiveness has sparked useful research on many different fronts, using different means to gauge various important outcomes. But it has also prompted many ieffective, punitive redesigns of teacher evaluation systems. How do we create a system that is clear, fair, and useful for improving practice?


Past Event

Conversation on Civic Education

In May 2010, ASI gathered together a remarkable group of researchers, policymakers, journalists and other leaders gathered in Washington, D.C., on May 3 for a thoughtful, in-depth, off-the-record discussion on the role of civic education in the United States.


Past Event

Good Schools V / Pushing the Teacher Evaluation Envelope: Designing the Most Valid and Reliable Systems Possible

The fifth meeting of district partners in the Albert Shanker Institute’s “good schools” seminar series was convened in the wake of the first round of the Obama Administration’s $4.3 billion Race to the Top competition. Although only two states were declared as winners, scores of others made plans and passed laws that changed state education systems in ways that could be positive or negative, depending on the care with which these changes are planned and implemented.


Past Event

Experts Debate Role of Career and Technical Education

Education reform will fail a vast number of U.S. students unless the role of career and technical education (CTE, formerly called vocational education) is reconsidered, recast and placed in the mainstream of K-12 curriculum design.


Past Event

Modernizing Career and Technical Education (CTE), High School's Neglected Resource for Comprehensive Post-Secondary Preparation.

In this February, 2010 off-the-record Conversation, top federal and state policymakers, educators, business and labor leaders, practitioners, researchers and others discussed the achievements and challenges facing high quality CTE.


Past Event

The Finanical Crisis and Worker Rights in China: What Has The Recession Done to Prospects for True Worker Representation?

In June 2009 the Institute sponsored a two-day conference on The Financial Crisis and Worker Rights in China: What Has The Recession Done to Prospects for True Worker Representation? See the agenda and the bios.


Past Event

Good Schools IV / Using the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act To Advance the Good Schools Agenda

In addition to shoring up decimated education budgets, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is a possible funding source for state and local education reform efforts. This seminar examines what the law really says and the sorts of projects it might fund to: improve teacher quality, develop effective curriculum, improve the achievement of low-performing students, develop useful assessments, etc.


Past Event

Assisting Independent Trade Unions in Cuba

In cooperation with the Committee for Free Trade Unionism (CFTU) headed by AFL-CIO President Emeritus Tom Donahue, Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy and the 21st Century ILGWU Heritage Fund, the Institute sponsored a conference in April 2009 which examined current conditions on workers in Cuba and the prospects for change on the island nation suffering under political repression.


Past Event

Good Schools III / Teacher Pay and Staffing Policies: What Works, What Doesn’t

In this November 2008 Good Schools Seminar, panelists including Doug Harris, David Osher, and Randi Weingarten discuss the evidence and policy on compensation and staffing policies for teachers in the U.S.


Past Event

Creating Jobs: Delivering Education and Skills; Expanding Labor’s Role

This June 2008 meeting focused on three priorities: (1) the need for a seamless web of providers from high schools to community colleges and universities to unions and employers; (2) technology and how teaching is delivered; and (3) access to learning in multiple settings.


Past Event

Good Schools II / Developing the Teaching Corps We Need

This seminar series is part of an effort to build a network of union leaders, district superintendents, and researchers to work collaboratively on improving public education through a focus on teaching.