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Sunday  |  SunMay May19

Upcoming Event

A Conversation with Charles Blow and Randi Weingarten

Sunday | May 19, 2024

6:00 PM

Join us for our May AFT Book Club session featuring AFT President Randi Weingarten and renowned author Charles M. Blow, discussing Blow's memoir Fire Shut Up In My Bones. Engage with Weingarten and Blow as they explore the multifaceted themes reflecting on the complexities of identity, trauma and resilience within the backdrop of a segregated Louisiana town.

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Past Events


Past Event

Charter School Expansion & the Viability of Public Education

There is vital economic dimension to the American promise of a free, quality public education for all of its youth. In its simplest aspect, government needs to provide adequate funding to public schools.


Past Event

Conversations 2017-2018

Co-sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers.


Past Event

Teaching in Context Book Reception at AERA 2018

Teaching in Context book reception at the American Education Research Association annual meeting, Sunday April 15, 2018, 6:30-8:00 p.m., New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, 1535 Broadway, Astor Ballroom, New York NY.


Past Event

Academic Freedom in an Age of Political Polarization

From a variety of different perspectives, our panel addressed the issues raised by the need to defend academic freedom in an age of political polarization.


Past Event

Israel-US Conversation You Haven't Heard Before

Israeli social justice activist and trade unionist Rami Hod discussed how the citizens of the United States and Israel can work together to help build a broad movement for progressive change.


Past Event

Puerto Rico: The Road to Recovery and Reconstruction

With the future of Puerto Rico hanging in the balance, this national conference focused on what needs to be done to rebuild the Puerto Rican economy and its educational system in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.


Past Event

Is the Promise of ESSA Being Actualized?

Now that the states have completed and submitted their first ESSA plans, it is an appropriate time to ask if the promise of ESSA is being realized.


Past Event

Teaching Democratic Citizenship When Democracy is at Risk

Today, the U.S. finds itself in a crisis of democracy, in which the future of our liberties and our republican form of government hang in the balance.


Past Event

Austerity Politics and American Education

A decade after the start of the Great Recession and eight years into the U.S. economic recovery, almost half of the states have failed to restore K-12 education spending to pre-recession levels; almost all states have yet to restore higher education spending to pre-recession levels.


Past Event

Deborah Meier Book Event and Reception

These Schools Belong to You and Me - Why We Can't Afford to Abandon Our Public Schools


Past Event

Daniel Koretz Book Reception

American education today has one goal. And it’s not teaching students. It’s raising test scores. High-stakes testing, launched as a way to evaluate Teaching and determine whether students were learning, has become an end in itself. And it’s ruining education.


Past Event

The Crisis of Democracy Conference

We are experiencing an organic crisis of democracy, international in scope. This conference will draw together intellectuals and activists from across the globe to examine and explore different dimensions of that crisis.


Past Event

Vouchers and Education: What Do History and the Research Tell Us?

As Congress considers the Trump-DeVos proposals for a national voucher program, what can we learn from the history of vouchers and from the research on the performance of voucher systems?


Past Event

2016-2017 Conversations

Co-sponsored by the Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers.


Past Event

"TEACHER STRIKE!" Book Discussion & Reception

A wave of teacher strikes in the 1960s and 1970s roiled urban communities. Jon Shelton illuminates how this tumultuous era helped shatter the liberal-labor coalition and opened the door to the neoliberal challenge at the heart of urban education today.


Past Event

Lunch Discussion with Paweł Zyzak

Former Shanker Institute Fellow and author of the new book, "Domino Effect: Did the USA Overthrow Communism in Poland?"


Past Event

School Integration By Race & Class: A Movement Reborn?

From a variety of perspectives, our panelists examined the state of segregation by race and class in America’s schools, and the promising initiatives and practices that are emerging in the renewed movement to integrate America’s schools.


Past Event

In An Age of Scapegoating, Making School A Safe & Nurturing Place for Youth

From a variety of different perspectives and work with different populations of vulnerable students, our panel examined the challenges facing American educators and the best practices educators have developed to address them.


Past Event

School Turnarounds: What has Worked and What Has Failed

Our panel of researchers and practitioners addressed this question by examining both the current state of research and on-the-ground efforts at school improvement that have worked.


Past Event

The Role of School Organization, Social Capital and Collaboration in the Improvement of Teachers and Teaching. From Research Findings to Policy Proposals

Current education policies haven’t sufficiently leveraged the organizational and interpersonal aspects of schools which can benefit educators and students collectively.


Past Event

Promoting Children's Well-Being

Promoting Children's Well Being. This panel examined 21st century approaches to a culture of health in and with schools.


Past Event

AFT: One Hundred Years of Social Justice Teacher Unionism

Our panelists will examine a number of different figures and moments in the history of the AFT from a variety of different perspectives.


Past Event

The Challenge of Precarious Labor

To address this challenge, this conference will bring together an international body of thinkers, analysts and activists.


Past Event

The 2016 Elections: What Do They Mean for American Education?

Following the November 8th elections, our panel discussed their impact on American education, from a number of different points on the political spectrum and a variety of policy perspectives on American education.