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Past Event

The 2016 Elections: What Do They Mean for American Education?

Following the November 8th elections, our panel discussed their impact on American education, from a number of different points on the political spectrum and a variety of policy perspectives on American education.


Past Event

Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education Conversation Series 2015-2016

Sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers, this conversation series held the second Wednesay of the month during the school year, is designed to engender lively and informative discussions on important educational issues.


Past Event

Educating English Language Learners in an Age of Anti-Immigrant Scapegoating

What is the appropriate response of American educators to this critical situation? What must be done to provide English language learners with the quality education that addresses their specific needs?


Past Event

International Refugee Crisis

The distinguished speakers discuss the current international refugee crisis and draw historical parallels with the anti-refugee sentiments in the World War II era.


Past Event

New Visions of Collective Bargaining in American Education

Our panel will investigate some of the most promising efforts on that front around the country, as teacher unions find new ways to negotiate contracts for educational innovation and improvement and build new partnerships with community around that work.


Past Event

Educating Tomorrow's Teachers: Are U.S. Education Department Regulations for Schools of Education a Help or a Hindrance?

Controversial new regulations for teacher education have been proposed by the U.S. Ed Dept. Although there are objections to the regulations, the controversy centers on the proposed measures of teaching performance.


Past Event

Education Research and Teachers Unions

Presidential Session, Washington, D.C. Panelists: Deborah Lowenberg Ball, Ellen Bernstein, Leo Casey, Susan Moore Johnson.


Past Event

The Social Side of Education: How Social Aspects of Schools & School Systems Shape Teaching & Learning

The notion that teaching and learning are social endeavors may seem obvious. Yet, the implications of that statement for research, policy and practice are less so. This conference foregrounds recent evidence showing that social aspects of schools and school systems deeply influence school improvement.


Past Event

"No Excuses" Schools and the Education of Impoverished Students of Color

What do we need to provide to students in poverty, many of them students of color, to enable them to succeed in school? OOr panel will examine what this model of schooling entails and how well it meets the educational needs of impoverished students of color.


Past Event

Conversation on Teacher Diversity

This panel discussed why teacher diversity is important and how it can be strengthened through recruitment, retention, and continued support for teachers of color.


Past Event

Where We Live and Where We Learn

More than six decades after the Supreme Court declared that “separate but equal” education was a violation of the “equal protection of the law” afforded by the U.S. Constitution, American schools remain deeply segregated.


Past Event

Teacher Tenure: An Outmoded "Job For Life" or Essential Right to Due Process?

In this panel, we will explore divergent viewpoints by focusing on what tenure laws actually consist of, how they work in practice, how they might be improved, and, of course, their impact on important outcomes such as teacher retention and student achievement.


Past Event

Quality Teaching: Individual and Social Approaches

This two-panel conversation focused on the results of the annual “PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes toward the Public Schools,” and their implications for policy and practice, taking on the question of how government, schools of education, school districts and schools can promote, nurture and support quality teaching.
Watch the video.


Past Event

Kent Wong Conversation, Lunch and Book Signing

Join us at the AFT for a conversation, lunch and book signing with Kent Wong, the director of the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education


Past Event

Creating Safe & Supportive Schools II: Next Steps

The focus of this Good Schools seminar was to share effective policies and strategies to enhance school climate, mitigate behavior problems, and support improved performance, with special attention to supporting labor-management teams as they work to comply with new rules and guidelines on behavior management.


Past Event

Positive Alternatives to Suspending And Expelling Misbehaving Students in Early Childhood Education

Recent research and news reports show that even very young children--and particularly young children of color--can be subject to harsh and overly punitive school disciplinary practices. At the same time, the need for schools to be safe and orderly places to teach and to learn remains a top priority in poll after poll of parents and the public.


Past Event

Florida Education Reform Under Jeb Bush: Miracle or Mirage?

The panelists examined the Florida reforms and their educational impact from a variety of perspectives—from the educational frontline in classrooms and schools to the overview of system analysts.


Past Event

The State of Teacher Diversity in American Education

Watch the Press Conference and download the report.


Past Event

Ten Years After the Deluge: The State of Public Education in New Orleans

The first panel takes up the broader questions of the post-Katrina economic and political changes in New Orleans and how they shaped developments in its public schools. The second addresses the specific question of the current state of the city’s public schools.


Past Event

Teaching Voting Rights

Using the C3 framework developed for teaching social studies and civics with the Common Core, this workshop will investigate the use of inquiry lessons to teach the theme of voting rights.


Past Event

The Use of Value Added in Teacher Evaluations

In this workshop, Matt Di Carlo discusses the strengths and weaknesses of value-added models, with a particular emphasis on their use in teacher evaluations.


Past Event

Working Together Matters for Improvement

Improvement is as much about the capacities of educators and school leaders (human capital) as it is about the capacities and resources that are created between them (social capital) at all levels of the school organization and broader school system.


Past Event

Organizing the Workers of Walmart: From Bentonville to Beijing

Speakers will discuss campaigns to organize the workers of Walmart, in the United States and in China. They include Han Dongfang, Nelson Lichtenstein, Ph.D., Yi Duan, and Emily Stewart.


Past Event

Gauging the Impact of School-Based Health Care On Students’ Health, Wellbeing and Educational Outcomes

Co-sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute, the American Federation of Teachers, the American Public Health Association, and the National Association of School Nurses.