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Sunday  |  SunMay May19

Upcoming Event

A Conversation with Charles Blow and Randi Weingarten

Sunday | May 19, 2024

6:00 PM

Join us for our May AFT Book Club session featuring AFT President Randi Weingarten and renowned author Charles M. Blow, discussing Blow's memoir Fire Shut Up In My Bones. Engage with Weingarten and Blow as they explore the multifaceted themes reflecting on the complexities of identity, trauma and resilience within the backdrop of a segregated Louisiana town.

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Past Events


Past Event

Strategies for African-American Economic Emancipation

A panel sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute at the Fighting Inequality Conference at Georgetown University.


Past Event

Education and Economic Policy in an Age of Political Polarization: Is There a Good Way Forward?

Is there a way for education and economic policy to escape from the paralyzing dynamic of political polarization that has confounded progress on so many issues?


Past Event

In Defense of the Public Square

A robust and vibrant public square is an essential foundation of democracy. It is the place where the important public issues of the day are subject to free and open debate, and our ideas of what is in the public interest take shape.


Past Event

Opportunities to Learn: Equity in American Education- Looking Backward, Looking Forward

In an era of growing racial and class segregation in American education, what must be done to provide every student with a genuine opportunity to learn?


Past Event

Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education Conversation Series, 2014-2015

Co-sponsored with the American Federation of Teachers and held the second Wednesday of every month during the school year, this series is designed to engender lively and informative conversations on important educational issues. We invite speakers with diverse perspectives.


Past Event

Fairness & Effectiveness in School Discipline

How do we teach discipline and maintain order, while protecting against the effects of persistent, unconscious biases? How do we ensure that schools are warm, welcoming, fair, and effective in the treatment of all students?


Past Event

The Social Side of Teaching — A New Framework For Improving The Profession

Teaching and learning are not primarily individual accomplishments but rather social endeavors that are best achieved and improved through trusting relationships and teamwork. Yet, most policies focus on improving the individual capacities of teachers. What is to be gained from approaches that strike a balance between human and social capital?


Past Event

A Diverse Teacher Force

There is concern that, as the U.S. population and student body is growing more racially and ethically diverse, the teacher workforce does not yet reflect this diversity. In fact, diversity should go beyond having more black and brown teachers in front of students. Diversity is also about equipping all teachers (regardless of race) to work with heterogeneous classrooms and diverse schools. Watch the video.


Past Event

Is There A Pension Crisis?

Elected officials seeking to diminish the pensions of public sector employees have argued that they are responding to a fiscal crisis. Is this crisis real or contrived?


Past Event

ESEA at 50: The Federal Government and Equity in American Education

The basic provisions of Title I have barely changed in 50 years, and neither has the persistent inequality of educational opportunities offered to poor children. What more should Congress do?


Past Event

American Labor Movement at a Crossroads: New Thinking, New Organizing, New Strategies

This conference examines new thinking and new initiatives in labor organizing, viewing them critically in the light of ongoing union imperatives of cultivating member activism and involvement, fostering democratic self-governance and building the collective power of working people.


Past Event

The Emergence of the "Precariat": What Does The Loss of Stable Well-Compensated Employment Mean For Education?

The emergence of the global knowledge economy has revolutionized the nature of work in America – for the worse.


Past Event

Losing Our Way: Book Event with Bob Herbert and Randi Weingarten

After Bob Herbert filed his last New York Times opinion column in 2011, he set off on a journey across the country to report on Americans who were being left behind. The portraits of those he encountered fuel his new book, Losing Our Way.


Past Event

The Next Generation of Differentiated Compensation: What Next?

This panel will examine the terrain of teacher compensation from a number of different perspectives, offering their recommendations on what a good compensation policy would entail.


Past Event

How Do We Get Experienced, Accomplished Teachers Into High Need Schools?

From a variety of different perspectives, our panel will address two vital questions: What are the systemic causes of this mismatch of educational resources and educational need? What policies could be adopted to remedy this mismatch, and attract experienced, accomplished teachers into schools with high educational need?


Past Event

This is Not A Test: Jose Vilson Book Event

This book follows the author through his coming-of-age story, beginning as a naïve young man growing up in the drug-tainted, community-centered projects of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and continuing through his struggles to mature and give back through a career teaching middle school math.


Past Event

A New Social Compact for American Education: Fixing Our Broken Accountability System

Twelve years after the passage of No Child Left Behind and five years into Race to the Top, America finds itself in a ‘test and punish’ system of school accountability that poorly serves the nation and its students.


Past Event

Conversation Series, 2014-2015

Sponsored by the Albert Shanker Institute and the American Federation of Teachers, this conversation series is designed to engender lively and informative discussions on important educational issues.


Past Event

Chinese Labor Movement: Which Way Forward?

In April, approximately 40,000 workers struck the footwear manufacturing facilities operated by Yue Yuen Industrial, a global supplier of shoes for brands such as Adidas and Nike.


Past Event

Educational Justice and the Integration of American Schools

As we mark the sixtieth anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the promise of that historic decision remains unfulfilled. Watch the Conversation.


Past Event

Governing American Education: The Elusive Public in Public Education

The American ideal of “public education” has historically included a robust and complex conception of what it meant for education to be “public.”


Past Event

American Education in Global Perspective

Since the 1995 introduction of the TIMSS studies and the 2000 start of the PISA assessments, much ink has been spilled on where U.S. students stand vis-à-vis their international counterparts


Past Event

Good Schools IX / Creating Safe and Supportive Schools

How do we ensure that all schools are warm, welcoming, fair, and effective in the treatment of all students? How do we maintain safety and order, while protecting against the effects of the persistent, unconscious biases that plaugue our society?


Past Event

The Future of Teacher Education and Preparation

Studies and reports that diagnose the health of American teacher education and prescribe remedies for its ills have turned into a cottage industry in recent years. There is little consensus, however, on the condition of the patient, much less on the regimen of treatment the patient should undergo.